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This site is dedicated to my journey of fulfilling a dream of having my own pottery studio.  I grew up in South Africa and my mother was a fabulous potter.  I recall, with fondness, her taking me to the studio where she worked, giving me a chunk of clay and a few stamps.  I would then spend hours on end letting my creativity flow.
I felt real pride when she bought my creations home glazed and fired.  Friends and family always got pottery for birthdays and Christmas.  We all have some wonderful, original pieces that will be with us for a long long time.  Even the more meaningful as my mother died early in life.

This site will showcase my work and share my experiences in this venture and will be updated regularly.
For now please, bear with me while I pull together the content to fill this site with useful and interesting information for people looking to buy something beautiful and original.  I will also populate these pages with hints and tips for other intrepid potters.


Inspiration can come from anywhere

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